Of all the unknown pieces of the puzzle that is the Star Wars sequels, the identity of Rey’s parents are at the top of the list. Obviously not everyone is that concerned with the answer, but most fans are pretty curious.

In episode 9, we will likely find our answer. But that’s a whole year away. So let’s try to figure out what the most likely scenario is, shall we?

Why does it matter?

Most fans are wondering how Rey is so powerful almost instantly; without any training. Because after all, both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker underwent years of training. And they are regarded as very powerful Jedi. So how then did Rey become so powerful overnight?Anakin was immaculately conceived for goodness sake. He was supposed to be the chosen one, the most powerful Jedi, and he has years of training.

So this is an important question for anyone who wants Star Wars to make some sort of sense. I remember walking out of The Force Awakens thinking “WTF, Rey beat Kylo (who’s been trained). Why is she so special?”. But it’s that thought that makes me scared. That may have been the point. To symbolize that anyone, even a lowly child of junk traders can be special. That could be the message Disney is trying to convey, but I hope it’s not.

“Last Jedi restores the idea that anybody could be the galaxy-saving hero to the center of Star Wars”

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This is stupid for a lot of reasons. We don’t need to be told this again. Star Wars has a rich history of taking unassuming characters and turning them into heroes. But their backstories are eventually explained, and we learn why they were so powerful.

Luke was just a regular kid. Anakin seemed to be a regular kid, born to a poor mother. But they were special people. As I said earlier, ANAKIN DIDN’T HAVE A FATHER. The force was literally his dad. So please Disney, have some respect and give Rey a backstory that makes sense. We don’t need the tired humble beginning story again.

So this is an important question for anyone who wants Star Wars to make some sort of sense.

Who could her parents be?

 There are a ton of possibilities, obviously. But what’s the most likely? That’s what I’m trying to find with this article.

“They were filthy junk traders. Sold you off for drinking money.”

The Last Jedi gives us the most infuriating answer which may or may not be true. Kylo–as he’s attempting to turn Rey–tells her that her parents were nobody’s. That they are dead, and sold her off for money. That explanation does not sit right with me.

Remember that Kylo was trying to convince Rey to join him. If her parents were good, special people, Kylo wouldn’t tell her that. It doesn’t mean that he was lying, but he would have reason to withhold the truth from her. 

I’m going to quickly list all the popularly floated theories of who her parents are and then talk about each one in detail.

  • Nobody’s
  • Han and Leia
  • Snoke
  • Luke
  • Obi-wan
  • No parents, is a clone

Those are the most popular ones that I’ve heard, if you’ve heard of any explanations that I didn’t include, let me know in the comments. But now, let’s talk about each one of these. I’m going to talk about each of the above, starting with the most outrageous. 

She’s a clone

No freaking way could this be. Not to degrade clones, but they are the definition of not special. And it’s been documented in various Star Wars publications that cloning a force sensitive individual would be nearly impossible. If it were possible, why wouldn’t the Republic have just cloned Yoda a million times? 

So, no. Rey’s not a clone. 


He dead, he wanted Kylo to kill her, and she’s not evil. Oh and she’s not ugly like Snoke is. So, I don’t see how this could be the case. 


I don’t think this is the case simply because of how he treated her. He didn’t act like she was family at all, so it’s very far fetched as far as I’m concerned. 

Han and Leia

I think this is another sort of out there idea. If this were the case, why would they leave her on a planet alone? Why did they take care of Kylo but not Rey? 

It’d really be a hard one to explain I think. So I really don’t think this is the case. 


I personally would love if this were true. It’s not impossible, and it would explain why she is so a-tuned to the force. And remember when she first touched the lightsaber, Obi-wan’s voice called out to her. 

It’s interesting that he would be the voice that called out. Both Yoda and Obi-wan trained Luke, but Obi-wan was the one who spoke to Rey. Kind of compelling if you think of it. 


This is still the most likely scenario. Not because it’s a good story, but because Disney has not a care in the world about making the Star Wars prequels good Star Wars films.  They want to “subvert our expectations” until there’s no longer a true Star Wars fan left. 

We’ll find out soon enough

Soon, we’ll find out the truth. If there’s no mention of her parents in Episode 9, we can just assume that what Kylo said was true. Hopefully Disney will choose to develop her backstory more, and make these prequels make more sense. 





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